Dream It. Do It.

Students Observing Manufacturing ProcessToday’s manufacturing is about advanced technologies, state of the art facilities, and fast paced work environments. However, this is not the impression held by many Americans today. Only 35 percent of parents say they would encourage their children to pursue careers in manufacturing, despite the advanced skills and high pay that are characteristic of work in today’s advanced manufacturing industry. This is due to a perception of manufacturing that existed a generation ago but does not represent the current reality of the industry.

To put an end to this misperception, the Foundation has joined the Manufacturing Institute’s Dream It. Do It. Network, crated to change the perception of manufacturing and inspire next-generation workers to pursue manufacturing careers.

Dream It. Do It. offers local manufacturers, schools, community-based organizations and other stakeholders the opportunity to partner with a respected national platform to promote manufacturing as a top tier career choice. Dream It. Do It. promotes manufacturing to three distinct target markets: student, parents and educators.